Legacy Software Modernization

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Legacy Software Modernization Just as the name implies, Legacy Software is software or a software system that has been around for many years, making it an outdated hardware and software combination unable to keep up with modern technological advancements. That’s where modernization comes into play. Those still employing Legacy Systems may find themselves vulnerable to [...]

Legacy Software Maintenance

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Legacy software is any software that is still in use because it satisfies a particular business need, even though there are more technologically advanced standards in place. We’ve explored this in-depth, and discussed the importance of making regular updates and upgrades a part of your company’s technology culture. In this article we will explore legacy [...]

Understanding Legacy Systems

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As technology continues to evolve, business practices must accompany the shift. When a business is thriving and expanding or hopes to gain that competitive advantage over others, it is essential to bridge the gap between the growth of your organization and an outdated technology system. There are numerous problems related to the use of  legacy [...]

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