We’re consultants. Not just software developers.

We help you define your business problem to get to the best solution.

Our software solutions are always successful.


Our consultative approach and painstaking development process delivers an optimal solution that works.

We know the power of technology and how to make it work for you.

Let our consultants show you the possibilities.

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“I’ve been working with Hy’s team on some software development projects over the past several months. We’ve worked with a lot of freelancers and professional application development companies over the years and Hy and InterSoft are the top software consultants of the stack. They bring professionalism, business acumen, experience, and humor to every project that they do and they do it all right here in New York.”

Raffi Jamgotchian – CTO, Triada Networks

InterSoft Associates is a software consultancy that, for more than 30 years, has been creating innovative custom software solutions that solve complex business problems. If you are having issues with current software systems, or just thinking about the way you’d like your business to run, talk to us. We can help you increase revenues, reduce costs, streamline work processes, ensure data integrity or crack other business issues. Our focus is helping you to solve your business problems, not selling you software.

When our clients work with us to develop a custom software solution, they don’t worry about being over budget or late deliverables. Our painstaking development process, with frequent check-ins to ensure the system is viable resolves any issues long before they overtake the process.

And yes, in an industry with extremely high failure rates for IT projects, we don’t fail. Ever.

We’re proud of our 100% success rate. (You can give our painstaking process the credit for that!)

Talk to our software consultants.

Our team of business analysts and software developers create the right processes and the right technology solution to address your technology issue.

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Eight Critical Things to Consider Before Hiring a Custom Software Company

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