According to Microsoft, only 32% of all IT projects are categorized as successful. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

In fact, 25% fail outright.  They don’t work or are never properly completed.

An additional 43% are challenged in some way:

  • The planned implementation date is missed
  • The cost is more than expected
  • It was implemented without anticipated functionality

At InterSoft, we are proud of our 100% success rate.

Yes, it’s true. And we owe it to our painstaking development process.

No project succeeds if the client and the software development team are not totally aligned on the project goals and objectives.  This most critical step is always our first.  We take an in-depth look at your business, your business goals, and your current processes.  We talk to you about what you are trying to accomplish, what problems you are experiencing, what just drives you crazy.   We talk to all the key stakeholders so that all perspectives are considered. And we are careful not to monopolize their time – they have jobs to do also. We take whatever time is necessary to make sure that we are clear on what needs to be accomplished through process improvement supported by software development and that you and your team are clear as well. Only then do we begin to think about a software solution that will deliver on these objectives.

Once we are aligned in what the software solution needs to accomplish, our business analysts create a comprehensive overview design and information flow document for the software development process that details the functional requirements together with identified touchpoints for the software.  This document is presented and reviewed by all key stakeholders in your organization. Comments are gathered, questions addressed and revisions made, if necessary.

Once all key stakeholders agree to the functional requirements, we prepare a detailed design document that contains pro-forma screens, data requirements, business rules, and reports.  Again, alignment and approval is gathered from you and your team before any actual software development is initiated.

Then you are presented with a detailed software development project plan, final cost estimate, and analysis of expected benefits to the company.  The plan highlights all major milestones with timing, which helps keeping all parties accountable to delivery dates and provides a framework for successful system development and implementation.

We incorporate frequent reviews with you and your team during this time. The software is reviewed, demonstrated and revised as it is being developed. This iterative process helps to ensure that all objectives are being met as the software development project moves forward and is a critical part of our path to complete success. A further benefit of this is that in the rare case of issues arising, these can be dealt with and resolved quickly, with minimum impact on project timing and cost.

Before we implement, the system undergoes rigorous testing. When it passes our tests…and yours…only then will the system be deployed. Once deployed, we will work with you to monitor its use and functionality to ensure that it delivers seamlessly on all of your key objectives. Once we are all in agreement, the project is complete.

At InterSoft we don’t walk away when the project ends. Businesses evolve, especially when a new software system is incorporated into operations. So, we continue reviewing the results of the work with you, and how the software has affected your business. We are available to modify or refine the process, continue as consultants, or even come to you with the new ways that technology can transform your business. Let us help.

“Working with InterSoft Associates in the past I found them to be very professional, technical and reliable. Instead of competing on hourly rate they deliver projects that are higher quality at a lower overall cost. Their business expertise and unique approach to every project is what separates them from large consulting firms.”

Ira Nemirovsky — CTO, Shubert Ticketing