Case 1

Creating a Vision and a Process for Focused Growth

Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group

Case 2

Case 3

Automating for Better Efficiency

Counseling in Schools

Case 4

Creating a Business Analytics Platform

Moody’s Investors Service

Case 5

Case 6

Case 7

Correcting a Previous Failure

RedString Solutions

Case 8

Data Integration of Two Disparate Systems

New York Otolaryngology Group

Case 9

Case 10

“Our B2B start-up technology company approached InterSoft with our unfinished product. The goal was to clean up our existing application which was riddled with bugs, enhance its functionality to make it ready for a successful beta and then mass distribution. InterSoft excelled at the transition…. Due to InterSoft’s turn-around time for resolving tickets, we were able to get back on track and focus on other aspects of our business. InterSoft has been for us a reliable development shop we can trust… Our product was recently recognized by industry experts as an industry changing technology for Financial Advisor firms… From day one, InterSoft proved to be a highly valuable and collaborative partner, excelling during the transition.”

Sam Gurvitch – Co-Founder and CEO, Redstring Solutions