Podcast Insights

Welcome to IsAware, InterSoft Associates podcasts that will help you explore the systems and software that power businesses like yours with the expert insight, experience and advice of Hy Goldstoff and Abe Unger.

The IsAware podcasts are available as just audio or as a video presented as interviews with Chris Bintliff who introduces the topic and asks questions that Hy Goldstoff and Abe Unger answer and expand upon.

Sustainable Success: Keeping Your Data, Software & Technology Working For You

The Potential Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Software Implementation

The Expert's Advantage: Putting Experience To Work For You

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Data Migration

Microsoft Migration: Why You Should Upgrade From Access

"Right" Data: Rethinking Big Data in Your Business

Making Data Migration Successful: Overcoming Obstacles

Migration Myths: Debunking Reasons You Haven't Made Your Move

Cloud Conversion: Considerations For Migrating Your Data

3 Business Advantages of Using Custom Software

3 Dangers of Outdated Software (And How To Avoid Them)

Big Data Analytics: Information, Interactions, Insights

Big Data Consultant: Seizing Opportunities

Left Out in the Code: FoxPro and End of Life Migrations

Protecting The Customer: Why Your Custom Software Development Should Include a Proof

From Discovery to Deployment: The Importance of a Design Process in Custom

Custom Problem Solving: Rethinking Custom Software Development

Data Integration: Real World Impact and Outcomes for Business Transformation

Data Integration: Putting Insights into Action

Putting Big Data To Work For You

Keep The Engine Running: Legacy Software Maintenance and Modernization

Understanding Legacy Software: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Achieving Business Goals With Process Improvement Software

Client Impact with Guest Pat Moss of Marshall & Moss Group

Custom Software in Banking With Metropolitan Commercial Bank

Client Impact with Shalom Maidenbaum of Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC

Client Impact with Guest Lew Bader

Client Impact with Guest Gus Patakakis of Long Island Server Solutions

Culture & Command Lines: How Your Software Impacts Employee Engagement

Do You Need a Chief Data Officer? Putting the Right Point Person on Your Software & Data

How Your Data & Software Decisions Impact Customer Care & Satisfaction

Did You Hire The Wrong Developer? Building Your Best Team

Understanding Business Intelligence: Inertia, Insight and Impact

Having a Plan for Your CRM

Business Process Breakdowns: Symptoms You Need Improving

Understanding CRM Integrations: Using The Right Tool For The Job

Enhancing the Engine: Unleashing Your ERP

Business Process Improvement: Creating Opportunities You Don't Foresee

Understanding the API: A Bridge Between Your Data

QuickBooks Integrations: The Power of Quick Connections

Finding The Right Database Consultant For Your Business