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Visual Foxpro’s Historical Context : From Popularity To Eventual Obsolescence

If you are a business and company still wedded to using systems and software designed around...

Visual FoxPro’s Advanced Technical Features Included Complex Data Processing

Visual FoxPro's Technical Features Visual FoxPro, developed by Microsoft, has been a notable...
Property Tax Reduction Software with Intersoft

Custom Property Tax Reduction Software For Commercial Real Estate

InterSoft Associates’ Scalable Solution for Commercial Property Tax Certiorari   In the...

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Custom Software Development

Tax Certiorari Software

Tax Certiorari Software

The Benefits of Customized Tax Certiorari Software   Real estate Tax certiorari is the legal process by which a...

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Having a Plan for Your CRM

Having a Plan for Your CRM

Your CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, helps you manage all activity by a customer or prospect including...

Business Process Improvement

Process Improvement Software

Process Improvement Software

Technology is continually changing, and the way we run our businesses is changing with it. Today, there are countless...

Big Data
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What is Big Data?

What is Big Data?

In an age where humans practically cohabitate with artificial intelligence, the term ‘Big Data’ continues to gain...


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