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Business Situation

First Choice Shipping provides business and eCommerce shipping solutions to a wide variety of customers globally. Their overall goal was to increase revenue while minimizing cost. A large part of their strategy was to upgrade their customer portal with an eCommerce capability to scale their business processes.

Management had a long list of features together with anticipated benefits that they wanted to incorporate into the next generation of their software. Their small in-house staff of three off-shore developers was having difficulty with the project. 

As a result of a strategic introduction, the CEO of First Choice asked InterSoft to review their requirements for scaling their software portal and to provide recommendations.


First Choice initially provided InterSoft with a voluminous list of features, organized by screen within the portal. After a thorough review, InterSoft determined that it would be best to organize the features that needed to be added to their software portal by functional area.

Using our consultative approach, InterSoft, along with First Choice executives, explored the business objectives, not from a software requirements perspective, but from a business perspective – what were they trying to accomplish.

InterSoft designed a phased approach for project completion, prioritizing each stage of development. This approach allowed the most highly prioritized features of the portal to be put into production first. Additionally, each phase of the project set the foundation for the next phase, ensuring seamless integration as each was completed.

Development work was shared between InterSoft and the off-shore team.


InterSoft completed its share of the project on time and within budget. The off-shore team completed its share of the project as well. However, it was late and fraught with issues.

The project did, however reach its expected goals and anticipated benefits by allowing First Choice to scale, adding revenues without having to add additional staff.

InterSoft eventually took over the entire development process of the new customer portal when the client realized that a domestic development team can be less expensive in the long term. InterSoft is now the primary development resource for all of First Choice’s projects.