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Business Situation

ForumTel was a leading Mobile Phone Operator and consolidator, specializing in high quality handsets and international cellular services. As their distribution widened it became apparent that there was a need to track distribution, rentals, usage billing and commissions. They had a strategic business initiative to offer these telephones as rentals through the concierge desk at hotels, car rental agencies and other travel-related partners.


InterSoft met with ForumTel to review the business model together with proposed policies and practices of the new offering. Off-the-shelf solutions were explored but proved inefficient for processing the types and volumes of transactions that the business required. A project proposal was prepared, reviewed with the client and modified through an iterative methodology that closely teamed consultants with business resources.


A custom SaaS (Software As A Service) platform was developed that was multilingual (their partners were in Europe and Israel) and scalable to incorporate the branding of each of ForumTel distribution entities. A working prototype was developed within 30 days. As the project progressed an Agile Methodology was utilized throughout the development process in order to successfully react to the rapidly evolving business growth and needs.

InterSoft’s ideas and insight truly brought our product to the next level. Their ability to come up with brilliant ideas for functions that we did not even know we needed was above and beyond the call of duty.

Saul Bienenfeld

General Counsel, ForumTel


Within three months the custom SaaS platform was running in ForumTel offices and with their business partners. The company was able to manage all aspects of distribution and usage and the platform included a credit card processing module.