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Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group

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Business Situation

Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group is the largest firm specializing in the reduction of residential property taxes (by reducing the home’s assessment) in Nassau County, New York.

Maidenbaum had been a distant 7th in a crowded marketplace. Given the ever-changing landscape and the need to grow market share, Maidenbaum found it necessary to develop their own state-of-the-art software. After many years of in-house development, only limited functionality was available. General functionality in the areas of marketing, case preparation, billing or collections was not available. Rather, data was provided by their development staff via ad-hoc queries which were not always immediately available and often-times were incorrect and required additional programming.


The first step was for InterSoft’s consultants to meet with Senior Management to gain a thorough understanding of their existing business requirements and processes in order to formulate a phased improvement plan (i.e., a roadmap) identifying processes and technology that would provide immediate benefits and a foundation for long-term growth.


Today, Maidenbaum continues to be #1 in their industry, representing more than 70,000 clients – an increase of more than 800% in their business in ten years. By implementing custom software solutions, they have significantly increased revenue, controlled costs and increased profitability while maintaining their staffing level.

Client Impact


InterSoft determined that the greatest positive impact would be achieved by first developing a robust marketing module. This custom software program enabled Maidenbaum to contact homeowners based on a wide range of criteria, and provided the ability to target those people with homes that were over assessed (by our analysis) and would, most likely, result in assessment reductions. This capability allowed Maidenbaum to grow by more than 100% in that year.

Following this success, additional software modules were created with full-featured integrated technology that automated workflows, provided electronic means of communication, a billing and receivables engine, as well as a powerful case analysis and preparation capability.
Finally, following the roadmap, additional software modules were developed to address the remaining areas of functionality, thereby increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue and increasing profits.