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Data Integration of Two Disparate Systems



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Business Situation

New York Otolaryngology Group (NYOG) was utilizing two systems in their practice; an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) that contained scanned images of patient notes and a separate Practice Management System. A strategic decision was made to retire the EMR System and consolidate all patient data into a single system supplied by their existing Practice Management Vendor.

At issue was the fact that there were no connecting data points between the two systems to facilitate the merging of the clinical data in the EMR. Their existing software consultants could not create the proper algorithms to develop a proper match on more than a small portion of the data. The remaining tens of thousands of records would have had to be converted manually.


Based on prior work done, InterSoft was referred to NYOG by their Practice Management software provider. InterSoft was able to analyze the data and apply their expertise in order to develop techniques that would successfully convert the data and provide an accurate match for over 80% of the patient records. Policies and procedures were also recommended on how to successfully convert the remaining 20% with very little manual effort by NYOG.


The conversion of the demographic data and scanned data was successfully completed within the agreed upon time-frame and budget. Not only did NYOG reduce costs by converting to a less expensive software system, the practice also became significantly more efficient primarily due to the improved clinical functionality of the new system.

Furthermore, they were able to improve the quality of medical care because all patient information accessible via a single platform.