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Reverse-Engineering Data to Port to Another System


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Business Situation

Park Medical Group, part of the Englewood Health Physician Network, is a large medical practice with multiple locations in New Jersey, including Bergenfield, Fort Lee and Tenafly. They determined that they needed to migrate their existing processes and procedures to a new software and technology platform that would be used for both practice management and patient electronic health records. One of the major tasks in this migration was the conversion of the legacy data – demographic, financial, and patient notes – to the new software system.

Their software consultants were having difficulty extracting and converting the electronic record data from their current system. They reported to Park Medical management that only closed patient notes could be converted. This meant that hundreds of thousands of patient notes would have to be closed prior to conversion. This was simply not a practical approach and put the entire project in jeopardy.


Based on a recommendation from an existing InterSoft client, Park Medical contacted InterSoft for a consultation. InterSoft examined the database of their current Electronic Health Records system EHR), reverse-engineered the structure and content of the electronic health record data and concluded that all the data could be converted – regardless of its status. A proof-of-concept was performed and supplied to executive management.


The solution was made possible by the ability of InterSoft staff to think out of the box and to analyze the core data structures and design patterns of the legacy system in order to devise a successful strategy and plan to convert to an updated system.


The conversion was completed within the time limit and cost estimates set in the original plan with 100% of the records successfully migrated to the new EHR platform.