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Business Situation

RedString Solutions was looking to create a web-based Practice Management Solution for Financial Advisors which would streamline work processes, improve efficiency, reduce errors and expenses and increase revenue. The initial development of software was unsuccessful, first with an offshore developer that was not able to deliver a viable product and then with an onshore developer that could not provide the proper controls and efficiencies required for a highly secure transactional and tracking system that is so critical to Finanical Advisors.


InterSoft was asked to review the requirements and evaluate the current state of the software. Issues were documented and prioritized with management. The goal was to complete a beta version quickly, and in a cost-effective manner so that a number of organizations could utilize the portal in a precursor to a second round of funding. Three months of planning, development, testing and deployment resulted in a release of the beta version of the browser based software.

Due to InterSoft’s turn-around time, we were able to get back on track with our unfinished product. InterSoft has been for us a reliable development shop we can trust. From day one, InterSoft proved to be a highly valuable and collaborative partner, excelling during the transition.

Sam Gurvitch

Co-Founder and CEO, RedString Solutions


Prior to going to a second round of funding, there were 4 organizations of different sizes that were using the platform for their entire practice without any issues. Planning for additional development and release of the full-featured platform was also begun.

RedString-FA was chosen as one of 10 semi-finalists for the CRM Idol contest – a competition among the best CRM systems on the planet.