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Risks of Microsoft Access

The Risks of Using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access debuted in 1992 as part of the Microsoft Office suite of office productivity...
The Risks of Visual FoxPro

The Risks of Using Visual FoxPro

Microsoft Visual FoxPro is a discontinued 32-bit architecture-based relational database management...
Understand FoxPro and End of Life Migrations from InterSoft Associates

Left Out in the Code: FoxPro and End of Life Migrations

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro were Microsoft database management systems that were discontinued in...

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Legacy Software Maintenance

Legacy Software Maintenance

Legacy software is any software that is still in use because it satisfies a particular business need, even though there are more technologically...

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Understanding Legacy Systems

Understanding Legacy Systems

As technology continues to evolve, business practices must accompany the shift. When a business is thriving and expanding or hopes to gain that...

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