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Technology is continually changing, and the way we run our businesses is changing with it. Today, there are countless tech innovations to help companies manage their employees, marketing, operations, payroll, and more.

To put it simply, if your business isn’t keeping up with the latest technology, you’re falling behind. That’s where process improvement software comes in.

Never heard of process improvement software? Just read on. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best software solutions from Intersoft Associates—and how process improvement can help your business thrive.

What Is Process Improvement?

Process improvement is a continuous function of any business. It is the proactive task of reviewing business processes, identifying problems, and making improvements. The goal is to help every process run smoother and more efficiently.

As a business grows and evolves, processes become complicated. Improving productivity and streamlining tasks is crucial in every industry. Of course, that’s easier said than done—process improvement requires in-depth organization and insight.

That’s where process improvement software can help. The experts at Intersoft Associates work with company leaders to implement software solutions that boost productivity, tighten budgets, and prevent wasteful practices.

The result is less costly, more efficient process management that will help your business grow by impacting the top line and the bottom line.

Examples of Process Improvement

Every business participates in process improvement—even if you aren’t aware of it! Searching for new ideas, taking surveys from staff members, and training staff in new positions are all examples of process improvement.

Time audits are another example. In a business, time is money. That means wasted time is equal to wasted money. Completing a monthly time audit is an easy way to evaluate and improve your processes.

Automation is one form of process improvement that requires a software solution. When a task is done automatically, instead of manually, it saves time and allows staff to focus on more important tasks. Automated payroll, data entry, and scheduling are all excellent examples.

The best process improvement software will help your business manage those automated tasks across departments. That way, everything is streamlined, integrated and organized.

Do You Need Process Improvement Software?

Does process improvement always require software solutions?

Well, not necessarily. Process improvement is a vital function of any successful business. There are tons of popular methods companies have been using to improve processes for generations. Surveys, monthly training, and think tanks are common organic methods that don’t require software.

However, as your business grows, organic process improvement becomes more difficult. It’s hard to see where time, personnel, and funds are being wasted from within your own business without all of the relevant data that is integral to the entire business —that’s why hiring experts to implement new solutions can help your company.

On top of that, every business must strive to keep up with the competition. If you want your business to continue growing and stay ahead of the curve, you have to take advantage of the latest technology solutions. Otherwise, you will fall behind!

Where Process Improvement Software Can Help

So, how do you know when you need process improvement software?

Every business is different. But if you notice processes in your business that are lagging, becoming disorganized, or occupying too much company time, you might need a custom software solution.

Here are some common areas where process improvement software will make a difference:

  • Financial management: Customized software can help your business manage a complex budget across multiple departments.
  • Data management: Automating data entries, storing data across departments, and accessing company-wide data are all tasks that the right software will streamline, integrate into your organization and leverage the data that it will generate.
  • Acquiring feedback: Need to get feedback from staff, clients, or customers? Automate the whole process to save time.
  • Communication and coordination: Coordinating across departments is simpler with an established, custom-designed system for your business.
  • Time management: Implementing software will help you track employees’ time, create and share schedules, and cut down on wasted time.

This list is brief, but it should give you an example of the ways custom software will improve your business’s function. To put it simply, if any area of your business is wasting time or money, you need process improvement software.

How Does Process Improvement Software Work?

Because process improvement is ongoing, the software implemented by Intersoft Associates is designed to adapt and change with your business.

In other words, process improvement software doesn’t have one function—it works in multiple departments to streamline productivity and reduce costs. The best software is continuously reviewed and adapted by process improvement professionals.

Here’s an example of what that looks like in practice:

Client Example: Pearson Education

Pearson Education, the world’s largest education company, produces a wide array of textbooks and digital services. They hired Intersoft Associates to create a system that would keep track of rights acquisition and utilization for all their products.

After consulting with the company’s senior leadership, Intersoft Associates designed a custom software solution that operated in multiple modules within multiple operating units. One module automated functions in rights marketing, another automated the permission granting process, and so on. The result was a streamlined workflow across departments.

With the new software, Pearson Education improved its rights acquisition process and boosted productivity by automating tasks that used to be manual. This change saved millions of dollars annually in ways that were not previously considered money, alleviated stress and saved personnel hours – allowing people to perform more high-valued tasks.

Today, Intersoft Associates continues to manage and improve the software to keep up with the business’s changing needs.

The Process of Process Improvement

Believe it or not, process improvement is its own process. The Intersoft Associates professionals follow the IsAware process – a careful step-by-step methodology that  helps clients reduce costs and streamline their business functions.

Sounds complicated, right? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s a quick overview of how Intersoft Associates implements process improvement solutions.

1. Consultation and Discovery

Process improvement software is not “one-size-fits-all.” Every solution must be custom-tailored to fit a business’s needs.

That’s why the first step in process improvement is an in-depth analysis of the business. The experts at Intersoft Associates will consult with leadership and stakeholders, get to know each process, and learn what makes an organization tick.

Once the professionals identify problems, they can design solutions to fix them.

2. Design

The next step is to design a custom software solution. Working with business leaders and management, process improvement professionals identify functional requirements and draw up a plan for the new system.

So, what goes into the creation of new software? A lot—this is the part where process improvement software is customized to your company’s specific needs.

At Intersoft Associates, the design process includes:

  • Creating a project plan: Experts analyze the resources, tasks required, and completion dates of each process.
  • Coding: Software code is always managed by a source-code control system. That way, the system’s progress can be monitored for changes and improvements.
  • Review: As modules progress through the development process, the software is demonstrated to management and key stakeholders for review and comment.  Regular meetings are also scheduled with a steering committee to review the plan and any recommended changes to the software that can provide additional benefits at little or no additional cost.
  • Testing: Starting with a carefully-drawn testing plan, the software is tested in multiple stages to identify and fix problems.

The goal of software design is to provide an optimal solution for the organization based on the business and its goals. It is aso important to create an effective system that can be adapted and improved as your business evolves.

3. Implementation

Once your custom software is up and running, you should see a more efficient workflow and better productivity. Your process improvement design professionals will help your business adjust to the new system.

The software is only effective if it is actually improving the process it needs to improve. It should be carefully monitored for issues, even after the testing phase is over.

4. Follow-Up and Refinement

Remember, process improvement never stops. As your business continues to grow and change, your process improvement software should develop with it.

Intersoft Associates continues to review every software solution they install. Process improvement software is designed for easy monitoring and refinement. Whenever problems occur, Intersoft Associates will update the system to maximize efficiency.

Making the Most of Your Process Improvement Software

A custom software solution from Intersoft Associates will make a massive difference in your productivity—but it can’t run the business independently.

To make the most of your new system, it has to be wholly integrated into your business. Make sure your employees are fully trained to utilize the software. Then, help them to allocate their time around it. Your streamlined process will open up time and funds for other tasks, so you should be prepared to create and implement new processes.

Fortunately, Intersoft Associates can help with that. They offer consultancy services to help your business make the most of your process improvement software and maximize productivity.

The Bottom Line: You Need Process Improvement Software

Every business participates in process improvement. It’s the only way to reduce costs, prevent wasted time, and grow.

There are plenty of organic ways to improve processes within your business. But if you want to keep up with the competition, you need process improvement software. Custom software solutions from Intersoft Associates will help your business save time and money so you can focus on your growth.

Technology has revolutionized the business world. So why not take advantage of it? Implement the best process improvement software to make your business faster, more efficient, and more profitable.

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