Big Data Analytics: Information, Interactions, Insights

IsAware2021-08-19T19:18:32+00:00Big Data|

Analytics from the data, or information, your company uses, stores and interacts with helps tell a story. History has deeper meaning and future planning can be more specific - and accurate - when leveraging the interactions and insights Big Data provides. Read on to explore how your business can leverage Big Data Analytics to help [...]

Why You Need a Big Data Consultant

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Big Data is a phrase that essentially means connected information - a great deal of it. In the hands of the right Big Data Consultant, that information becomes transformational for you . Better business decisions get made, sharper insights are discovered, and ultimately the information - the data - can become a competitive differentiator. Let’s [...]

What is Big Data?

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In an age where humans practically cohabitate with artificial intelligence, the term ‘Big Data’ continues to gain traction. From its first mention in the 1990s, Big Data Technologies continue to change and revolutionize the business environment for those that can utilize it. Business decisions are moving away from traditional databases and data management, focusing on [...]

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