Understanding the API: A Bridge Between Your Data

IsAware2021-06-16T21:09:53+00:00Data Integration, QuickBooks Integrations|

API, or Application Programming Interface, is standardized technology that allows different applications to "talk" to each other. To a non-technical person this concept can seem confusing or intimidating, but in fact we each benefit from an API countless times every day. Whenever you’re texted a shipping notification from an online retailer, receive an email that [...]

QuickBooks Integrations: The Power of Quick Connections

IsAware2021-05-20T16:28:25+00:00QuickBooks Integrations|

QuickBooks is incredibly popular for business bookkeeping. It is used by organizations like small Mom & Pop Shops all the way up to large enterprise organizations. One reason for this popularity is their promise of "smart, simple tools that make your whole business thrive." Among those tools is a means to integrate - or connect [...]

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